Shittyness abatement in Kansas

This just in from Gentle Rider Michelle Davis of Kansas City.

“You and your Mister inspired me just recently to do a bit of repair-via-packratting.
Below behold an improved ferrule on my Burley flagstaff using a slightly oversized aluminum pen cap and a crap tonne of Gorilla Glue. These stupid buggy-whip flagstaffs have a little plastic ferrule that connects the two halves of the pole, and inevitably, after about three months, the damn thing snaps in half. This was no exception.

Because I am sick to the teeth of replacing otherwise perfectly good flags all the time (this is my third!), I decided to attempt a modification on the design.

I had the vision to sleeve the broken ferrule with another, less fragile tube of some sort. Enter the defunct TCU ballpoint pen. This promo pen has a laser pointer in the business end, which is why I kept it around. Great cat-toy, even though the pen was always crap for writing. But I didn’t need the cap anyway, since the ink is all gummed up, so I hacksawed the clip end off, filled it with Gorilla Glue, jammed the busted ends of the flagstaff into it, and let it sit for two days.
I’ve been riding around with it on for the past four days, and so far, so good.  I’m confident enough in my repairs that I’m probably going to re-string the rainbow garland back around the poles once again.

IMG_0003 IMG_9998

~ by jacquiephelan on April 18, 2015.

One Response to “Shittyness abatement in Kansas”

  1. I think Burley, or must LOVE the regular replacement cycle…if you go on line, less articulate but equally fury-filled comments on the lame flagpole issue abound…

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