Rave Review

From Heather H. San Francisco.

Q: Through which medium did you learn about the camp (BIke shop? Friend? Newspaper? Fortune cookie?)
A . I Googled “women +mountain biking skills+ Bay Area”

Q1:Before you came to the class (or camp) what had been your expectations/ hopes/ desires for the class?
A1: I wanted to get more comfortable and confident on my bike, stop falling and actually begin to enjoy riding my bike . . .not my bike riding me

Q2: How were these expectations met, not met, or exceeded?
A2: My expectations were exceeded. At first, when S. told me about my gift, a class with you, I was a bit nervous because I knew you were a badass mountain biker. I thought someone like you would find my skills and me ridiculous. Plus, sometimes people who are really good at something are not necessarily good teachers.

I was concerned that it might be awkward and uncomfortable making an ass of myself in front of a group of strangers led by you. S. assured me that it was a women’s only class and that the group would be very small. (Whew, I thought) He also told me that after talking with you that you sounded like you were a good teacher, one who had taught people of all levels, even little kids. (This of course immediately put my mind at ease, the fact that it was women only and that you had worked with kids- I knew you would be a good teacher.) S. also told me that you were really down to earth and he knew that we would get along well – he encouraged me to check out your website. (Which I did.) At this point I was looking forward to my class, and could hardly wait to gain a few basic skills as well as meet a woman who seemed to really want to get other women involved in mountain biking . . . I loved the Wombat idea!

Then a few days later we were watching the movie, Off Road To Athens, and under the special features they had individual interviews with the riders. I forget the name of the woman, but she told the story of her very first mountain biking race and how this incredible biker, who is well known in the biking world, Jacquie Phelan, rode behind her the entire race and cheered her on . . . and that is when she knew that she had fallen in love with the sport. At that point, I knew you would be fun to work with and was excited for my class.

My friend S. even mentioned that I looked so much better–more comfortable– on my bike.
Plus, I now know it’s not always me and sometimes it’s the bike.
Because you said something about my brakes . . . S. is getting me new ones! Yipee!
Those (barely functioning old ones) have made me feel so uncomfortable for sooooo long, and I thought it was just me this whole time.

Q3: “ Retention”. What did you like/dislike about the instruction? Please specify which cue words for moves or concepts that either really clicked, or clunked. If you could name a move (or a tip), what would you call it?
A3: I appreciated how you broke things down into simple language and ideas that were easy to understand and apply. For example, you made a track-stand seem not so daunting and overwhelming. I also liked how you desensitized me to certain things, that is enormously helpful.

One of my fears was turning in tight spaces, especially the hairpin turns. But you got me through that with excellent instruction and made it fun. I showed S. my turns the other day and he was absolutely shocked at how good they were, in fact, he did the same series of turns as I did and showed me that he couldn’t turn much tighter then me! He was blown away. (And that was my first ride since working with you.)

I really liked the “paperboy”. It was helpful to have you cue me to get my hip to the side of the saddle. I am now standing and climbing up more hills, feeling strong and confident. Again, S. noticed that I was looking good going up the hill – at one point I even gave him a run for his money ☺

So in my esteemed opinion, you are a miracle worker disguised as a really great mountain biking instructor! I loved your style, technique and approach. I can’t thank you enough.

Q4: What would you change, delete, add?
A4: Nothing. I thought the amount of time was good, the instruction was great, the break was fun and rejuvenating and the short ride at the end was a nice blend to tie it all together while not overloading my brain. I loved your style of teaching and felt like I really learned a lot as well as reinforced some things I already knew.

Q5: What did you wish you’d known to bring along but didn’t?
A5: The list you gave S. was quite comprehensive. I had everything I needed and felt well prepared. In fact, I probably brought too much stuff.

Q6: How did you find out about the class? Should I advertise? Where should I advertise?
A6: S. found it on the Internet. Have you considered advertising at local gyms, especially family oriented ones? Or places where women tend to go – hair salons, nail salons, grocery stores, day care facilities and spas etc.

Q7: Was the brochure clear enough, or misleading? Should it be more professional? Or retain its gritty innocence? What precisely IS “professional”? Did you even SEE a brochure?
A7: I never saw one.

Q8: Was Jacquie’s class good enough to recommend to a friend? (which one?!)
Bad enough to fob off on a rival?
A8: Yes, I would recommend it to a friend. I have already mentioned it to my friend, G., who is interested in learning with her son.

Q9: Should I teach (or take) Wombat Teacher Certification Class?
A9: Yes. Or just write your book already! ☺ Or do both, write your book while training and certifying teachers.

Would you buy a souvenir tee-shirt?
a) Possibly – depends on what it looked like.

A class gift certificate?
a) Yes, that would make a great gift. (My class was a gift, and I loved it.)

Did Jacquie accommodate the different levels of riders?
a) It was a private class! Me, myself and I loved it.

Please vote for a tag-line:
a) “My bicycle is the only thing between me and madness”

Please feel free to add more insight below. Your input will help future “BfD” (Bachelorette of Finesse) graduates.

Thanks again for everything.
I did a soul ride the other day – just my bike and me.
At one point my chain came off, but I knew how to handle it and was able to get right back to my ride. And I am happy to report that I did not fall!!

That is a big deal.

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  1. Fabulous report Jacquie, just the way I always pictured a class might be. So like she said, write your book already! Let’s go.

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