Fat Tire Skills Class Schedule 2011

 2011 Instant Finesse™  class dates:

"I can do a track stand!"

Kids, women and men seeking greater control, easier balance, and better offroad technique benefit from Jacquie’s teaching.

Cost is $120 per person for the two hour clinic. Riders will learn to ‘read’ the trail better, balance on the bike, hop curbs and stop safely.  The skills are taught in a controlled, paved environment, followed by a little woodsy practicum.

Saturday June 11, 10 am class (for beginners) meet outside of Sunshine Bicycle Center, in  Fairfax, rain or shine. Or fog.

Saturday June 18,  Beginner class 10:00 A.M., meet outside Three Ring Cycles,

538 San Anselmo Ave. Parking in San Anselmo is tight.

Sunday July 3rd   CO-ED class meets at Deer Park Picnic Area (Fairfax)   10:00 A.M.

Sunday July 10th. CO-ED Deer Park Picnic parking lot (Fairfax) 10 a.m.

Sunday August 14th. Co-ed. Deer Park Picnic area (Fairfax) 10 a.am.

Sunday Oct 9 Co-ed,  10 am. meet at my place (ask for directions).

Saturday November 19, 9 a.m. meet at my place.

Thurs. 24 November “Appetite Seminar” (5 hr, arduous fun ride–assuming good weather…600 other people will accompany us, meet downtown Fairfax).

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Click on the mess above (or is it copy, then  paste? AUGH!!!)  to reserve a spot, and email (jacquie AT batnet.com) to say which day you’re coming…. Please bring a signed waiver.

I have been passing on skills to novice (=nervous) riders since the Last Supper, and asking them how they thought my curriculum & teaching style suited them.

Here, then, is a recent “Afterglow Report”

You were so down-to-earth, and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable immediately, you are so accessible, I knew I could ask you questions and you made our space one very conducive to learning. I gained confidence; skills, and a new found excitement for my bike.

Heather H.
San Francisco.

Here’s how the full report reads:

One Response to “Fat Tire Skills Class Schedule 2011”

  1. Jacquie, you make me smile – again, about 20 years after you and your bike gave me a tour of Crested Butte, CO, and I watched as you and 9 men were inducted into the first class of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Now I’m overseeing a large federal grant dedicated to creating a bicycle safety program for use in schools; maybe I can connect you to that project somehow. Meanwhile, I think of you when riding my own “Gladys” along the Potomac, feeling free and strong and deliriously happy. Thanks for all you have done to empower and inspire and create female athletes!

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