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If you only know me through my blogs (I do a food one too) you might not be aware that people also pay me to write (sometimes!). May I direct you to my contribution to the ‘low life culture’ , a quick look at bottom feeding in the land of the rich bottom? Go to the Pacific Sun issue here.

I’m currently working on a bike book – aimed at encouraging beginners (and those who haven’t begun) and STILL toying with my autobikeography – I’ve started several times and have so much material to wade/sift through.

But really my forte is ‘descriptive journalism’. My primary subjects are cycling – doing it, but also advocacy – and food. The other main subject arises from my ‘secret’ solitary passion – travel.

This usually involves a bicycle purpose. The epic race through Portugal. Singlespeeding in Sweden and Scotland.

There goes another theme – Europe! (Well I speak a few of the languages. Sorry if that’s un-American – “speak louder if you want the natives to understand you”.)

This year (2008) there’s a two month tour.

I’ll be writing about travel and touring. Grappling with (and enjoying) public transport systems in at least five countries.

There will be the scenery, the customs, THE FOOD, the bike lanes, the bike people etc.

Expect some short sporadic updates on this site, then longer pieces. (Already booked to write for …)

It would be great to find someone who wanted a weekly round-up ‘from our foreign correspondent’.

Recent writing includes –
Iron Gezelle (current issue), a site for women who like to exhaust themselves…athletes with a few miles under their belt

List of some other publications

BikeBiz (UK)
Dirt Rag
The Outcast (UK)
Pacific Sun
Veloquent (USA)
West Marin Citizen

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