TWELVE MONTHS of the UNMITIGATED GAL? If you wish to support a certain vain wombat, AND have her pinned to your wall, you’d be wise to click on “2010 Jacquie Phelan Calendar“.  As usual, Anne Cutler does the photography.

Jacquie’s thoughts on finding a good bike shop.

Lincoln NEB monkeywrenchcycles

Portland OR rivercitybicycles

Northern Cal bicycle resources:

SSWC07 Aviemore, Scotland: Jacquie Phelan rides the Rollapaluza rollers! article (Results – keep scrolling).
go to very bottom of page for JP INTERVIEW

A brief autobiography

Jacquie’s Page on the MTB Hall of Fame


2003 Interview on Metro Active

Bio ( press kit from Hardi.hood, the racing documentary)

Klunkerz trailer

Photos from the 80s on

Some of Jacquie’s writing about biking on

The other half (Charlie Cunningham) – Crucial player in the history and development of Mountain Bikes

Key Players
PATRICK O’GRADYMad Dog Media…brilliant writer, cartoonist, politicklish “common tater”…I worship this guy
Charlie Kelly

Great writing from Cynthia Carbone Ward

Great Photographers (and ol’ friend)   Ramona D’Viola
Unmatched artistry: Taliah Lempert, painter

Out of Print Classic The Man Who Loved Bicycles

Astonishing blogs: Ballastexistenz

Killer radio show: Over the edge

Tessa’s  Braces (emerging cartoonist, my friend Richard’s daughter).

I used to contribute regularly to  CityCycling in Edinburgh…

Then, over in Glasgow….there’s the invincible singlespeed demon drJon

In  Denmark? Take it easy…there are great mountain bike trails, but no mountains. Tough, too: they ride every imaginable weather in every imaginable outfit

3 Responses to “Links”

  1. Jacquie: thanks for the link; realllll y niceeee; i like the graphics and the info is great. A good place to chat and rat.

  2. Jacquie,

    I responded to your email a while back, but I’m not sure if you ever received it. Thanks for the kind words about my writing.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog since then. Good stuff, to be sure, keep it up!

    Well, write if ya want.


  3. hey! just found your webpage via velonews. i hope you are doing very well!? on the pictures you look great as always. take care, christoph sauser

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