Crabby Holidays

coconut_crab-biggest+land-dwelling+arthropod+in+the+the+worldFirst week of the new year. I’ve already given my husband a cold that has lasted for three weeks (mine only took one,  thanks to countless hours reading Willa Cather in the snuggletorium). Charlie must work, and so his recovery involves an hour of intense work in a 35 degree (Fahrenheit) shop, followed by a ten minute thermal replenishment at the wood stove, then another hour, then in for more ‘woe-ramth’.

Last night, Bonnie Simmons, our rock n roll pioneer DJ on KPFA, played a wonderful set from 8 pm on, featuring lots of Steve Earle.  He’s the activist songateer with the lovely, weary tenor voice and super gnarly songs like “I’m thinking about burning Walmart down“.

Then on came Robert Earl Keen (this is why I am a DJ devotee–they group their songs according to inner directives that the listeneer is free to imagine) with  “Doing nothing is something that I do”

~ by jacquiephelan on January 4, 2013.

5 Responses to “Crabby Holidays”

  1. Oh the joy of discovering Steve Earle and especially his song “Doing Nothing is Something that I do” THANK YOU for that introduction! I’m listening to it for the third time now…

  2. Happy New Year Jacquie and thanks for the smile.

  3. A good book in bed is one of the best ways to get well. Having a loving significant other able to fetch the needed hot soup and tea with lemon needed for a full return to the world of the living makes an amazing difference in my attitude

    The recently deceased Fontella Bass’ “Rescue Me” has been running through my head as an “ear worm”. Could be worse.

  4. Salut Jacquie!
    Happy new year! Happy trail for you and Charlie! I appreciate Robert’s song and pictures. I will send you pretty soon an article that i wrote about JP… a very cool US MB bicycle enthousiast or Vététiste!
    Amicalement. Fred

  5. Give the sick dude some whiskey. That’ll clear things up.

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