Mountain Biking’s first World Champion: Mary Lee Atkins


Mary Lee Stiehrs today

Podium shot of Mary Lee at Villard-de-lans 1987  >

 I am having a hell of a time with this damn computer, and it’s aq pity becaus I wanted to blast a little note about about the great Mary Lee, and how cool it was to see a friend after not seeing her for 25 years, how little she has changed, and how her  humor and her endearing humility hav not lost their charmn.

But the computer needs to thinkn about what I’m typing for about half an hour (I’m trying to make rhubarb jam slump whilest writing. It’s not going well.
Blast” and “fast” are not happening, nor can I see the letters. Must have lost something during my hmonth off in Europe.

~ by jacquiephelan on July 13, 2012.

4 Responses to “Mountain Biking’s first World Champion: Mary Lee Atkins”

  1. Hello Jacquie,

    What a nice surprise to find your blog and especially this post about MaryLee (Atkins) Steihr. We had the great fortune to meet MaryLee and hubby Tracy in Alaska a few years back while on a motorcycle trip. We have since ridden with them in Nova Scotia and the US and enjoyed every minute. They are great people and MaryLee still has the “go getum” attitude in everything she does. Particularly on two wheels whether motorized or not.

    I don’t know if she knows that you posted this, but I will shoot her the link just in case.

    All the best,

    Mike and Kim

  2. Like, I thought MaryLee was an Olympic cross-country skier. Heck I’ve known her for 24 years – Alaska. They let our cat hang out in their wood shop on a perch in the corner window. Had no idea she was a mountain biking competitor. Tracy and I back to 1989 when I rented his house.

  3. I skied with Mary Lee guiding blind skiers in the 80’s Bought her 1974 Schwinn Paramount road bike from her in 1986. still have it.

  4. Yes, Alaska if full of intrepid and interesting people. Not too sure if she ever raced up here in Alaska or not, but she sounds like quite a capable athlete.
    She was also pictured on the cover of the November, 1986, Norba News.

    Anyway, Robb sold her Schwinn Paramount to me a couple of years ago when he was selling out his bike shop in Brookings, SD. So now it’s back in Ketchikan, AK, where I hope to rebuild it to like new condition.

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