Light-hearted Jain at rest

me and Joan Murakami and the irrepressible Jain Light

~ by jacquiephelan on January 18, 2012.

3 Responses to “Light-hearted Jain at rest”

  1. Beautiful people brighten the world. Never stop!

  2. When we die, we return what we have borrowed back to the world from which it came, along with whatever we have added. Nothing is lost, just reorganized and becoming part of new life… the dead are always with us- where could they go?

  3. Nice. Happy New Year!! Still kicking in Nevada. Kidneys are holding steady. The bone doctor wants to put in 2 new knees!! No insurance so ill go with these for a while. The worlds biggest Moly Mine has descended on the ridge west of our small valley. Adding to the stress of an already taxed water flow system. Their impact will affect 95,000 acres of desert. With a life of 40+ years. There are ways of relieving most impacts if they would cooperate. We have been involved with the E.I.S.. Process for about 4 years. On it goes but time is running out for the environmentally sane among us.

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