Lost Martin 0019

Reward if returned


This weekend I lost my cherished choco-colored guitar, and I’m hoping that by posting a note it will somehow find its way back to me.

It’s a mahogany instrument that has been played only a few months, although it’s over ten years old, and has new strings, a capo with my name taped to it, and all kinds of stickers on the inside with my name and address. My guitar journal, a hand bound fabric mini-book, was also in the little pick storage box. Oh and lots of Neil Young songbooks.

The thing weighed at least twelve pounds, with the heavy fur-lined case, and can’t have gone far.

Worst-case scenario: it was taken to be sold for drugs, and never gets played at all, just cycled around among the methamphetamine crowd for drug money.

Best-case scenario: the instrument finds its way back here.
In between case: someone who will take much better care of it than I did gets it, plays it, loves it.  It has an incredibly pure, rich tonality.

Even just tuning it was a thrill.

~ by jacquiephelan on December 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Lost Martin 0019”

  1. That really stinks. I hope you get it back unscathed….

  2. Goddess Phelan! Sorry to hear about your Martin flying the coop – I am sure it will find its way home, otherwise we can fix you up with sone kind of (electronical) noize box… Speaking of which thanks a ton for the lovely piece about wimmen and electronical music… I am sitting here now in my basement lair with the bewchla whirring chirping and the lot… you know what that sounds like. Grrls upstairs are asleep to the dulcit hybrid digital analog tones… best regards and hopes your martin gets hungry and finds it’s way home soon! PB

  3. may your wonderfully beautiful instrument be quickly returned to you.

  4. Circumstances of the acquisition? Circumstances of the loss? Did you leave it on the street? How come you never let me play it?

    Good thing you still have the one I gave you.

    If you still do.

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