Yesterday a bunch of Bicycle Works people (Jelani and Shannon plus a dozen others) fanned out over the county to eight supermarkets to shop for ‘non perishable food’ (a thought that strikes fear into my heart, since food should perish), then donate to the Food Bank. See story.

Over a decade ago I devised a  Cranksgiving of my own–namely the Appetite Seminar followed by a free meal at a local hostel. Only the hostelliers failed to tell me that their annual tradition of free food had been discontinued, so I had five people to feed–five surprised, starving people whom I’d told would be well fed.

This may  have marked the beginning of the decline of my so-called organizational powers. The old Youth Hostel host had moved on, and the new one saw little point in feeding the guests on Thanksgiving evening–since more and more homeless folk showed up each year.  I never checked.

WE went to San Francisco and ate  at a restaurant.
Still makes me feel rotten!
So this year, I did something for those who have not the luxury of a four hour social ride…but I didn’t haul in the most food. The cargo bikes did that.
Still, under sunny cool skies, the twelfth of November was a great day to zoom around buying food for the poor.

It was more or less the first time I’d purchased food (other than on foreign trips) in years….Big fun to see how prices have changed since 2003.

Glad I don’t HAVE to buy food.  I only buy when there’s no butter in the trash bin.

~ by jacquiephelan on November 13, 2011.

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