Free time in Killmallock

Barely in Ireland 3 days, and a dozen rain showers a day make it obvious why the island’s so green.  My rain jacket comes off, goes on, comes off…and miraculously dries in between.

Comfy Deebert House  is my base of operations. Hosts Margaret, Jamal, and their little girls make Tarja, Niall and I full welcome with a flurry of really cute jokes told rapid fire (I can only remember one: ‘how can you tell if a clown has farted?”

“It smells funny”.


First people I met: John Butera and his wife Mandy Isbeth. I recruited her to be The Other Jacquie this evening, when I’m expected to lead a ride in the Ballyhoura woods… my own confused schedule has me simultaneously getting an audience with Dervla Murphy, the Literary Lioness of Lismore…not a difficult choice, since I think Mandy will do a superb job of posing as me, whilst fobbing those patches I created off on patrons of the embroidery arts.

Jac Strachan and I will be zipping down (avoiding head-on collisions, sort of a secret sport of the Irish) to County Waterford to meet her and we can’t wait. Can’t wait…Dervla…thank you in advance for the time…
Here in the Kilmallock Library, the staff whispered a request for a banjo tune (I obliged).
Each place I go (Lounges, bars, usually to put on my rain coat and steal a peek at the decor) people enquire for a micro-concert, and I always oblige.  Never happens in the states.
Yesterday at a roadside gas station/cafe called Insomnia Cafe, we even befriended the Guy In The Car Next To Us. (Hello, Rory). Then found an entire platoon of Dutch single speeders –Hubert, Jaap, etc, buying food. It feels like the world is a tiny little carnival of two wheel buffoons.

~ by jacquiephelan on August 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Free time in Killmallock”

  1. it is a shame that impromptu sessions don’t just happen here in the states, though sometimes it does happen here at work. glad you are having fun and keeping dry wish i was there as well


  2. A carnival of one or two or even three wheeled buffoons sounds like a dream; a carnival of four wheeled buffoons, reality.

  3. Jacquie, It was great meeting you in Ireland! I picked up a couple of Dervla’s books for the plane ride home. Great stories, thank you for the tip. Also sold off the rest of the patches! Check in the mail. Hope you are enjoying the rest of the journey! It truly was lovely meeting you, made my trip to Ireland that much richer! Mandy Isbell

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