Here’s my almost-finished canvas for the ‘race’ in Ireland.
Since I discovered that Phelan was an Irish name (no kidding, my parents never mentioned it my entire childhood) I  have been thrilled by the Book Of Kells.
It’s a work of “cold-blooded hallucination” according to Umberto Eco.

But according to history, it’s a sublime illuminated text in Latin, of the gospels of the various saints.  The crazy knots, elongated legs and daintily crossed lion’s feet speak to me.  The fact that there are only three recognizably feminine faces irritates me. But it is enchanting, mysterious, ecstatic. Brilliant colors and lots of red dots and gold.

Too tired to go on…there are plenty of sites dedicated to this Irish treasure.

My new friends at Biking Ireland, Niall and Tarja will be showing me their country. Jac Marquis has secured a visit with the greatest living woman cyclist (in MY opinion), or maybe the oldest…anyway the prolific, opinionated, decades ahead of her time Dervla Murphy.
I have lobbed fan notes to her addressed as followed: Dervla Murphy, Lismore, Ireland.

They never drew response.

She was always away away away, writing and experiencing the formerly remote corners of the world. No person born today will see the planet as she saw it….and I just want to look into her million mile wrinkled face and let her know she’s inflamed a rider or two over here in California.

~ by jacquiephelan on August 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “Bally-ho”

  1. That’s great. Good luck. Update frequently with pics please.

  2. I totally cannot BELIEVE that you get to meet Dervla Murphy. And no camera!??!? Take a sketchbook and lots of notes. Can’t wait to hear your report. Talk about 2 legends of dubious repute – it will be a grand summit meeting, I am sure. What a pair you 2 will make. Amazing.

    I still cannot believe it.

    • Yo! I have the CAMERA not the little thingy that connects it to a cmputer. but a freind showed me it’s a universal cord (=umbilicus)will tell all, share all we haven’t met her yet, this time next week. Great to hear from you|! Dubious? that’s me., her, google her or hit the link…she’s beyond truthful, honorable. She’s …well. I am gnna be right nervous, but try not to stay nervous. My friend (a nother jackie!) is shtting her pants.I told her about Dervlas existence –she’d never heard of her prior to a month ago– and she has managed to read a book or two and is now a huge fan like me. I read \fultilt when i started racing…my pal darryl insisted. I was grateful ever since. she’s so much more than a cyclist, obviously…sort of a Bruce Chatwin level literary light in myop inon. yours always, JP v Original Message:

  3. I can’t wait for your blog about the great visit. Just finished the book “Full tilt” only to start at the beginning again.

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