Boys and their bikes

Pulling up to the local grocer, and about to inspect the “back door”, I encountered a half dozen youngsters on mountain bikes.

Someone said, “want a popsicle?”
“Oooh, yeah! An’ I’ve got something for each of YOU!”   as I excavated some cards from the bottom of the messynger bag cards with an audible “flourish“.*

“Check it out! I’m a legend”. A couple of boys (the older ones) backed away.

As for the tykes, their eyes lit up as they picked out all the tiny bike bits in Craig Coss’s (future) prize-winning design.

I asked their coach his name, (Ryan Loften). He   told me he runs a camp called Mt Tam Bikes camp.  I asked the kids their names. I repeated all six back, but please don’t test me now. Raden is the only one I can remember. These were Ryan’s eagle riders, friends more than clients. Fueling up for  a school’s out reconnaissance ride.

We shot the breeze, and I shot these pictures. I didn’t inquire where they hid the girls , but I sure wondered…they need me.

*Yes, I actually SAY the word, whilst

whirling the card in a little circle for added emphasis.

The whole gang at Cala Market.

~ by jacquiephelan on June 13, 2011.

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