Idiot tackles car culture single-nosedly

Day three of the new, blue me. My morning after look:

The hair is more awful than the bruises

Jumped on the road bike to accompany Charlie on our spring Hunt For Violets ride along Bo-Fax road.

Confident he’d catch me, I left while he was helmet & jacket faffing. Alone on the climb, my nares opened for the first time and I caught a whiff of the white roses growing along someone’s fence.
Now, if the nose can stay open until I get home, I’ll have an appetite.

He caught me when I was capturing the Dog-tooth violets that  cover the red sandstone embankments after mile #3.68:

CC rode further, to the Bolinas ridgetop. I was running on fumes since I don’t eat when I can’t taste food.    But I zipped back, tore open some of the dumpster creams I’d been hoarding, with the purchased gelatin (Knox product probably never gets tossed, or so rarely I’ve never found it, so I have fallen off the Never Buy Food Wagon–the last time I did it was for lovely, rare Wasa flatbread, which I’m almost sure is to be discontinued. It’s just too damn healthy to be a true snack food. I wrote them and said I’d like them to consider sponsoring my singlespeed obsession. Hah).

Digressions, my forte.

And after I made some nice panna cotta with the aforementioned Knox gel and cream and grated palm sugar and uh, I guess this should be in “Salivation Army”, huh? I have never figured out how to transfer a written thing, maybe now’s the time, eh?


Here’s me after my ride:

Helmets always improve my unusual, 3-cowlick mane

Oh, and lovely neighbor Sheila S. dropped off a weeks supply (well, for me a couple days) supply of homemade chicken and rice soup. Hot. I guzzled. I could taste it. Heaven.

~ by jacquiephelan on April 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “Idiot tackles car culture single-nosedly”

  1. WOW Girlie Girlll, Punk Rockers would sell their hair gel to get a look like that!! Awesomeness in the flesh! You really upstaged Katie’s Bee Event! at least in the color dept. Thanks for the bit of reality in an out of control world.

  2. is it wrong for me enjoy this?

  3. I regularly have the same hairdo first thing in the morning.

    I’ve never had a double-shiner, though. Wow, you really went in whole-hog on that one.

    How is the breathing? Do you feel plugged up in the snoot department, or is the oxygen flowing freely?

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