Breaking News: self-administered nose job

Yesterday Margit invited me to ride with Marty Albion, the hyperfit 75 year old cycling legend of the West County.
We rode 65 miles, from Walnut Creek around the rear flanks of Diablo, over Morgan Territory (“Margit Territory”) road, as lonely as it sounds….it must have been idyllic when George Mount and his friends were riding there in the early ’70s.

We climbed 7000 feet–it was a long (8 hour) beautiful (sunny with fog in distant hills) spring road ride with a very cool trio of gentlemen who didn’t slow us down one bit.

The summit of Diablo is around 3800 feet–a healthy thousand feet higher than Tam. The 15 mile descent was a long, rhyming curve and body sonnet. I passed a couple cars, dropped my friends by twenty minutes, and took lots of pictures.

Today I was a little sore.

It felt great to do sundry errands and one chore:  get to  post office before 5 pm. Objective: re-pay my bounced IRS 2011 tax check (which I’d thoughtfully paid two weeks  early). Even worn-out legs love a flat spin around a few miles.

Turning up the final stretch to our place on a hush-quiet Monday afternoon, I let my mind wander to what I’d be doing tomorrow.

I admit, I like looking up at the olive tree where I pick, even though I’ve coined a silly phrase “beware of where you stare, for your wheel will steer you there“. A Jacquiefied version of “don’t look where you don’t want to go”.
I hate all those fucking “don’ts”, almost as much as I hate “Women’s Only” (crappy syntax).

So, yeah, I’m looking at alllll those olives.

Wham, crunch, ow.

The next thing I did was give myself an unscheduled nose-job.

The white Ford pick-up truck that practically  lives parked peacefully at the curb under the tree ambushed me, mid-daydream.   I know it hates me, cuz it knows I really have a withering opinion of over-powered trucks that tow 240 pound men around on their  countless daily errands.

But I forgot. And  the bridge of my nose deformed the bumper.

I now have a ski-jump nose, where I used to have a ruler-straight one.


Posing for my face-card profile

and after:

rather frightening shadow, yes? Note ski-jump curve.

~ by jacquiephelan on April 18, 2011.

One Response to “Breaking News: self-administered nose job”

  1. Crikey ! Ouch. Heal up fast.

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