Sproing is here

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Three weeks of no real riding.

Charlie and I both feel ‘unshapely’, and attempted the world’s easiest ride: out the door, and into the woods.

He was being conservative, but I had to see what the past storms–the kind that turn our street into a chocolate torrent for half a day–had wrought on the Public Lands.
There were lizards darting around (3 of ’em). A cottontail rabbit.
He did a shortie (top of Bofax and back), and I undertook the lengthy, redoubtable Pine Mountain Loop: two and a half hours when I was fit… but those days are behind me.

The trick to riding a longish (20 mile dirt) ride is to go as slowly (read: gently) as possible, so as not to disturb the sleeping muscles.

Walk, if neccessary.
The past attempts at a ride failed because I loped up the hill at my usual pace instead of at Tired Person Tempo. Result: turn around before I even reach the Mildewclub Goof Course.

The day began well enough: 2 a.m. Kevin Vance’s KPFA show “Non-fiction Music” was on, and I trooped down the ladder to get a really good music education, starting with Ladysmith Black Mombazo’s “Watch” song, and ending the hour with my cherished Loudon Wainwright III’s re-mix of Motel Blues.

Then, a serendipitous conversation with Peter Young, my Vermont correspondent, who told me he’d captured the annual ice-breakup of the Great Brook behind his house. And he shared  the secret to a happier life: Be kind to yourself, and acknowledge that the human’s deepest need is to be ‘witnessed’ (not in the Christian sense necessarily). To be allowed to simply Be.

Both of us are from the generation where love, attention came with strings attatched. Conditions.

But Pete and his mate Nancy succeeded in raising three boys in a milieu of acceptance. All while they farmed fanatically, hewing to recently re-discovered ‘organic’ (ancient) tenets.

Er, well, reader, a good conversation with an old old friend who completely gets you can make you bust out of your rut.

I got permission to be irrational, and just ride half the day, checking out the pale green paths through the grass (they haven’t been trampled into dirt yet-so fresh!) and all the

Douglas iris


Echscholzia (Calif poppy)



oh, god, the sheer green noise of growth and floral grandeur.

Got home and even maintained the bike (with all the mud, and the downed trees, my route was a bit filthy) before plopping down and telling you all about it.

Spring made it.

~ by jacquiephelan on March 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sproing is here”

  1. Good to hear news of Peter in Vermont. That was such a fun sojourn up there. This new soft tail bike I got is like the fountain of youth. I will be back to ride the county (read pine mtn)…someday….

  2. Wish I was closer to have gone to that bike sale! And oh the Vermont Correspondent. One day when I’m back, it’d be nice to meet him.

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