Mitica Cana De Cabra!!

Mitica Cana De Cabra!!

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Someone got very lucky today….thanks to the refrigerator temps, none of the flotsam & jetsam at “Back Door Catering” is going bad. This incredible cheese is even better at this point than it was a few days ago. Goaty, creamy, yum.
Bring on the blizzard, thou “Polar Express”….I’ll be here by the Jotul stove with my hot (brandy? Port? what’s good hot? Help me, readers) and soft
‘mythic’ cheese.

~ by jacquiephelan on February 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Mitica Cana De Cabra!!”

  1. Nice find!

  2. I would try any old dry red wine at room temp. That looks like the start of a nice time.

  3. hi! i just found you. my friend sent me a link to a you tube video of you and i just HAVE to tell you that you are most awesome and inspiring. i write for and i linked it. THEY fucking LOVE you girl. check out the 15+ comments so far.

    my email is

    if i could be half the woman you are, life would be so much better. thank you for being a TRUE baller.


  4. Hey Jacquie,

    Kath here. I’ve been getting your she-mail, but I think your email server must be secretly hiding the ones I’ve sent you over the past couple of months (maybe it’s jealous of all the attention you’ve been getting?!). Are you able to contact me from a different email address and we’ll see if that works?

    I hope you’re wonderful and life is treating you well,


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