Spanks For The Memories.

Several years ago,  my friend Adam Hunt gave me a birthday CD.  I put it on, and listened to it three times in a row.
I still listen this way, when the house is empty.
They’re brilliant actors, musicians, but they had me at the name:

The Asylum Street Spankers.

The Holy Modal Rounders, Tom Lehrer were their  Ungodparents. Rapacious satire,   plus raunchy sentiment and extremely tight arrangements guaranteed that they could win over any crowd….their bookface page sez SF was first town outside of Texas that embraced  them.

Set List

Lynne Buckner had a couple of free tix, and we even got backstage passes, but since we’d both taken our bikes, we were pooped on  arrival at eight, at the Great American Music Hall. Killer venue, scary neighborhood.

I ‘d ridden a few miles on a darkened bike path cuz my light had run out of juice. Nearly turned around, but reminded myself that these guys were playing their farewell tour, and I’d never forgive myself if, on a beautiful 3/4 moon night, I passed up a chance to see them.
The lights were on at Bicycle Odyssey and lo, I was able to purchase a serfas mini-light for very cheap. SCORE!!

~ by jacquiephelan on January 23, 2011.

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