Non-union sewing job

My pen-pal Kevin took me up on the offer of free jersey resuscitation…he had one he thought about  hurling because it was too short.

(And then I think he saw my blog a couple weeks ago).

It was precisely the kind of job I knew that if I put off, would slide into my scary document- (and object-) devouring desktop pile, never to be seen until June.  Recklessly I grabbed the scissors, and started to cut.

The route I was taking was going to sever the (nice long) zipper, so I put on the brakes, and   “patiently” undertook a patch job under the armpit.

And re-began.  A  bit more carefully, until I had two halves.

It was a very lopsided cut; it looked like a graph of the global economy, but fixed that by chopping some of the the supply side off.
Maybe no one would notice an uneven hem.

No Scrap Left Behind

wrist detail

~ by jacquiephelan on January 20, 2011.

One Response to “Non-union sewing job”

  1. Nice! The little swatch of chopped-off black fabric on the back is a rather charming touch.

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