Phelan Sew-Sew

Damn, the days are NOT getting longer.

But in a major departure from my nowhere zone , I  took action.

Slashed the midriff-baring, wonderfully felted BOB jersey in half, and sewed a panel in, tried it on. All wrong.

Yanked out stitching and re-sewed. It worked the second time.

Pat Leo (She Who Must Be Obeyed) corrected, and shortened the ruined circle skirt (formerly ankle-length, and formerly ivory wool! I dyed it 15 yrs ago, then left in a  heap).

Suddenly, I had an ensemble.
“No, you may not scallop the edges along the bottom” Pat snarled. You ‘ll muck up its simplicity“.

I can honor that at least for a few days.
As a non-sewing fumbler, it’s very tempting to put an Extra Touch on things. If you know how to make a garment from scratch, you’d probably never want to mar the simplicity, lines, and of course flawless workmanship with some lame-ass rick-rack, lace or (ew!) scallops.

But nothing sez Sayonara, Sucka like lace flouncing past on the bike path.

A straight-hemmed skirt could just be a kilt and the wearer, a mere man.

Spiegelman poster chez Leo

~ by jacquiephelan on January 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “Phelan Sew-Sew”

  1. Oh Jaquie, you’re soooo bootiful!

  2. Turned into a really cute outfit. It can be really hard to resist applied decoration. Rick-rack is sadly underutilized in contemporary fashion, don’t you think?

    I recently converted a shrunken wool sweater into a new, squishy beret hat. It’s nice and warm for our rotten Kansas winters and as it turns out, it goes perfecty with a scarf my mom had crocheted for me.

    Granted it has nothing in common with my coat, but matching accessories to clothes isn’t a really high priority for me.

  3. Hey, that’s a really nice dress that one, congrats! By the way, the tricot you commented on, well it has since been eaten by the moths… I hate moths…

  4. Just got transported back in time to the CMWC SF 1996… Thinking of you in all your glory that day on the hill 😉

  5. suddenly, I’m on that bike trial with lace flouncing past me like I’m standing still…

  6. At least you know how to sew on a machine, a skill I’ve never gotten the hang of. (I am still in the super-analog era, sewing everything by hand. Yes, it takes longer.) Nicely done!

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