Of pipes and men


For the last three days,  the media & television trucks have swarmed around the Corte Madera slough, where one of the sewer lines ruptured. Some kind of mischief is afoot. Check out the finger-pointing in this account.

The county called in the FBI to see why chunks of concrete, and old hard hats, etc were stuffed down a man-hole.
They might have been smarter to inquire internally, since it’s likley that an activist Sanitation District employee decided to go pro-active in the ‘assured employement tactic’ department.
County firemen  have spent time in prison for rustling up business via arson, and I see no reason that the sanitation district would be any different.

Our public employees are impressively compensated, but I woudn’t be surprised if the new hires have a crappier employment package.

So a manufactured crisis would boost work, and guarantee elevated rate payments by an unsuspecting public.

We’ll see what the feds come up with. The report was initially a thousand gallons of raw sewage, and now the latest is three million gallons….

Meanwhile, the tunnel to nowhere (between industrial San Rafael and Larkspur Landing) leaves cyclists about a quarter mile from the safety of the ferry decks.
Everyone on a bike will have to navigate across five or six lanes of traffic–the equivalent of freeway traffic, with a traffic light but not one specifically aimed at bikes)…and if the guy we saw crossing was any indicator, there will be many close-calls, car-bike collisions and within a year perhaps a death due to the lack of foresight, dumping bicycle traffic onto an un-improved, complex automobile intersection.


~ by jacquiephelan on December 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “Of pipes and men”

  1. re: the sewage spill… Have you heard of Occam’s razor?
    re: Bike path…I think you’re over dramatic about the hazards getting to the ferry terminal. Bike specific signals? WHy don’t we just move the ferry terminal to fairfax?

  2. Mr. Too Scared To Post His Real Name: There’s nothing overly dramatic about citing these and other hazards of biking in car traffic. It is pretty clear that bicyclists as well as pedestrians really don’t get the tools or space to participate safely in car-centric traffic. Why don’t you go get into a bar brawl with another Cro-Magnon waste of oxygen and relieve the world of one more obstacle to peace, love and friendly traffic conditions….

  3. Use the good ‘ole overcrossing at the ferry to Larkspur Landing when getting to the tunnel. Saves on the wear and tear to the bod!

  4. Use the pedestrian overcrossing from the ferry to Larkspur Landing. Saves wear and tear on the bod!

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