Birthday Wish: a happy dog’s life

Alice B. Toeclips, b.  December 10,  1955.

"Alive at fifty five"

In San Francisco.

Birth weight : in excess of ten pounds.

Oldest of six pups.

Died: NOT yet, and NOT IN NEW ZEALAND! Ha!

Don’t get to know the  expiration date.

Today, at fifty-five, I’m so grateful to be alive., and fit!  fit! fit!

Sleeping well, eating well,  daily foot-long floaters, cold, wet nose…full refrigerator.

And a healthy partner to snuffle all over, any time I feel like it.

Remember ‘stay alive, drive 55?  I do, when the sign says so. I’m the slowpoke in the right hand lane.

What’s more, I leave a car length (not a Matchbox car!) per 10 mph for a buffer zone.

Gonna ride through a long-awaited bicycle tunnel (wonder how long it will be, before some ‘event’ forces it to be permanently closed? Am I a sinnick?) later on, then…um…nothing else planned. I never got around to arranging the big surprise party, with everyone dressed up in the ‘five-five’ theme….
Does that surprise me?
I really do fall flat when it comes to organizing something.

On the other hand, I asked the ‘universe’ (aka MTBR website, which I don’t understand, but I ‘joined’ and really don’t post anything on) for “a chauffeur to Moab in mid April”  (my friend Rafa from Ferrarra, Italy will be doing a pilgrimage there next spring).

Within 24 hours, a kind reader/rider was writing back: “if this is the polka-dot, braided, drop-bar Jacquie, I’ll personally come get you and take you there and back”.

I was flabbergasted.

And secretly asked the universe to let me work at the dream job I’ve created & pitched, teaching mtn biking to women of uncertain skills with emphatic  non-racing ambitions. And having someone else do all the planning, booking, brochuring, etc.. But most of all, not having to do it for free. Being WELL paid for it.

I could use that job, and make someone a pile o’ money , along with myself.

If that happens, I’ll tell you guys, first thing. It simply  depends on if  a gentleman named Gary (not that one, the other one) realizes that I’m exactly who he needs for the job.

To me (hoist one),  flaws and all.

Turquoise shit, courtesy Ed Pas

~ by jacquiephelan on December 10, 2010.

12 Responses to “Birthday Wish: a happy dog’s life”

  1. Happ Birthday, Jacquie!

  2. A super big birthday wish to you!

  3. hoisting one for you toeclips. happy birthdaze!

  4. ¡Salud! Best wished to you and yours.

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope your dream job manifests soon. You deserve it!

  6. I’m rather taken with the lucky turquoise turd. That’s one hell of a present!

  7. Also your dream job sounds fantabulous. If it comes to fruition, I’m going to have to figure out a way to take said class. I’m an exuberantly shitty mountain biker who’d be more than glad to suck a little (or a lot) less.

  8. happy belated b-day Jacquie

  9. Happy late birthday! I might be up for a Moab trip. It’s one of my favorite places, and I haven’t been there in years.

  10. I’m a slug. Late to the ball, as it were.

    Yom Huledet Sameach (Happy birthday in Hebrew)!
    I hope you do whatever you want during your birthday week.
    Big hugs –Beth

  11. After all the birthday wishes have been expressed, one more makes it’s way, sheepishly, to you… ♫ Hippo birdie two ewes, hippo birdie two ewes, hippo birdie deer jacquie, hippo birdie two ewes ♫ belated as it may be, I hope it was a happy one!!! ~Irene

  12. Happy (belated) birthday! You’re the reason I got into mountain biking (and then cycling as a whole). I wish you many many more happy miles!

    Brian J.

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