Tharty Ears

That’s right. 30 years ago, I pedaled into the County with my friend Darryl Skrabak to attend the annual Thanksgiving Appetite Seminar.

It dawned on me this morning: I saw faces on Thanksgiving 1980 that I’d be seeing for the rest of my life, most importantly that of Charlie The Mollifier Cunningham.

Here’s the route.

In 1980, I rode the ol’ Raleigh Sprite from my home in the Excelsior district of S.F,  25 miles to get to Fairfax, then after the ride, I pedaled home (somehow I’d dropped Darryl along the way–very poor manners).

My skinny tire bike was holding up well f, but the strain I was putting on the steel toeclips must have loosened one. I don’t remember this at all, but Charlie says he spotted the droopy leather strap and realized that the whole thing would come off soon, and offered to do a quickie repair. This all took place on smoker’s Knoll, the little hill after the highest point on the ride.

“Thus setting the tone for our relationship” he chortled this morning as I leapt out of bed in the dark, 3/4 moon bright on the fish pond.

I dug out a picture from the 1983 Appetite Seminar. I’d moved into Fairfax by then. And the weather was roughly the same: sunny, cold, beautiful. Gonna see SeeKay, GeeFisher and even Maurice Tierney, who’s moved West.

~ by jacquiephelan on November 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Tharty Ears”

  1. You just settle right back into the flow of things, don’t you! Have a blast and it’s good to have you back in the country. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. lovely story and great photo, jp. happy thankstaking! love, ramona.

  3. so big MO has moved west good for him nuther yinzer in the neighborhood, kinda, tell him if he ever comes uo to Reno for some reason to get in touch

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