Farewell to Falcon

IMG_0370 IMG_0374 IMG_0372And hello to Marin County Open Space non-discriminatory policy.

Some of my readers learned about the concrete facsimile of Horus, the mythic god of the afterlife…perched on a side-ridge of Tam, gazing upon the summit (westward) not more than a km as the 300-pound bird flies. It is no longer there to be sought, found, and celebrated.
Horus bit the dust.

Another reader just told me it’s been ‘recycled’ by MCOSD. As many Marinites will attest, broken up concrete can do wonders as a retaining wall, if held in with chicken wire.

At least the statue didn’t go to waste, buried in the landfill, eh?  Egyptian deity forbid!

In the past decade I’ve seen MMWD demolish the historic “Rosetta Stone” redwood tank, with all the fat-tire grafitti (“Morrow Majority”, George Newman’s ride record, etc), the 1890-ish  barn at Lagunitas reservoir dam (done in a single day, never mind the historic liquor still under the floorboards!).
Methinks Marin really ought to establish a more formal heritage-erasing agency.  The Cultural Amnesia Board.  There are still plenty of things that should be wiped out: The Marin Town & Country Club artists retreat. It really ought to be razed, with 800 townhomes put in.

Every one and two room cabin that hasn’t yet been “scraped”.

There are more. I will try to think of them, and list them, while I try to apply for a job at this imaginary agency, so I can swipe the treasures before they’re demolished….

~ by jacquiephelan on November 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Farewell to Falcon”

  1. Bulldoze Tam!

  2. Alright Jacquie! Let’s go to the Supes and propose… “The Cultural Amnesia Board”. Sounds like a fun way to bring more awareness. OTOH, lots of folks are trying their best to preserve Main.

    Speaking of which, any of your old time Marin friends have a photo of Eat and Run in Kentfield? I’m sure your arrival was a bit too late…

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