Heaphy, wealthy, and wise

I’ve heard heaps about the 82km Heaphy track, one of the great walks.
In 2001 when the Kahurangi forest park became a national park, in order to keep things consistent, bicycles were booted out. (Tom Swifty alert!)

SO…I had to go back in time in order to experience the track.  I turned back the Temporo-tron to 2000 (big year, boob cancer, the beginning of the WTB nightmare) and signed up for a couple of nights in the wonderful, wood heated huts thoughtfully sprinkled alongthe track every 10 miles or so.

It was great. Naturally I didn’t want to spoil it for future mtn bikers,so I didn’t deploy my Breezer Personal Conveyance on this trip. You’ll have to look at Heaphytrack.com to see pix, the brilliant photography of freethinker Paul Murray, who runs the wildly popular international hostel known as Rongo Backpackers (“Rongo” means peace in some language. Back to you on that….)

And i fyou want to see my scary costume, go to singletrack.com and flip through the twenty pix associated with SSWC 2010.  You’ll cringe.


~ by jacquiephelan on November 1, 2010.

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