In the shadow of Power Girl

Em Miazga is a 34 year old adventure racing nutritionist known for her top finishes in the Coast To Coast race, and for sprinting madly alongside Andy Schleck and Mr. Contador in this year’s Tour, on the Col du Tourmalet. Her  yellow bikini showcases the stunning abs of a person that paddles extremely tippy kayaks down extremely lively rivers. That shit really works the core, man.
She blew into Rotorua  a week ago today on a rainy afternoon.

 While chopping up samples of her product, we yakked away the afternoon, she offering cookie samples and me introducing myself and welcoming people and making name tags.  This will be my Big Contribution at the Irish SSWC2011 …learning all the names! Please don’t let it be 850 names….

Em let me travel back to the South island (aka The Mainland) with her in her van, stopping for business in the pretty port town of Nelson.
Her business manager is Jane Martin, another kayaker whose husband Andrew is a world champion  whitewater kayaker and carbon fiber kayak maker…apparently there is a special New Zealand style of boat….long, fast, and extremely jumpy.

He told us a good ride to do (the Dun Mountain walk, with a gnarly rocky switchbacky descent over Coppermine Saddle) in the Bryant Mountains…. major fun.

Rather than go straight home I pestered a kid named Reuben at RIDE (local big shop) and then barged into the music store to borrow their lonely, solitary banjo and frail a little. No pix….

~ by jacquiephelan on October 26, 2010.

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