Kiwi Bikes name dropper

Perched on a bar stool here at Jeff’ s shop on Pukuatua Street, “Rotating Rutabaga” New Zealand.

I’ve been plastering tiny name tags on everyone I meet (Justin, Jason, Jared, Jim, Tim, oh my god, it’s Jac Strachan and Chris Marquis from Edenburrow)


From another side I hear a “Hello Jacquie“and whip my head around.

A well-coiffed woman wearing makeup stands in front of me, with a cute little six year old clinging to one leg.

I do  a double take (who do I know with a kid, who wears makeup?) and reflexively say the worst possible thing: “have we met?”

“Yes, a time or two at Singlespeed worlds”….oh, wait.. Mary is Travis Brown‘s sweetie. I jot her name on a sticker, and slap it on. Never mind that she used to be a big Trek exek, and I really ought to know her by now…

Their daughter Zara Rose was test driving all the cute little kid’s bikes…while Jeff chats Travis up excitedly, thinking up great photo opportunities with the Great Star…the energy of the place is pretty high…I’m enjoying using this free computer (Chur, bro!) and counting the layers of noise: the boys in the very back yucking it up…the middle distance with Jeff talking shop with the Browns, and the squeak of the kid’s bike on the cement floor. Overlaid by that sorta boring music that they have on offer here on the island.

Soon, I’ll be uploading my Tie-Dyed Thigh …the best bruise I’ve ever had. The Wendell State Forest butt contusion in 1985 was a little pimple compared to this melon-sized owie.
Luckily Damo and Libby carry a tube of arnica with them (got my own now, really hadn’t planned on needing wound care….

Liam here just told me there’s a great hot creek 25 km south of here….and a beer party, and a bus, and oh god, which to do?

~ by jacquiephelan on October 18, 2010.

One Response to “Kiwi Bikes name dropper”

  1. More More JP. Your fans are waiting for your next update!

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