Orakawa bay. Look it up. Having trubble uploading any pix.

Wanna get on bike. Have had a blast for three days chez Helen Macky, N.Z. farmer, self-made woman, with two amazing kids, Gn and Sm (vowels eliminated to protect their privacy). Sm is very good biker, toured me all around. But I can’t control this computer, or its uploads. I’ve typed loads without luck saving. GRRR. So, furhter up the road, me, Sm, Gn and Helen will do a bit of camping, after I’ve stayed with her ‘rellys’ and a keen biker named Susan she’s linked me with…

Sam toured the PIt Rim  (rim of Martha Gold Mine)…, showed me the local river, swimming hole, got to see the rest of Waihi, rode on and on, will yak about later. They need a full truckload of gravel for 3 grams of gold. I question the energy cost, the lady at the visitor center didn’t know how much it “cost” to extract that three g. of gold.
Never will find out. It’s nunnamybeeswax, right?

~ by jacquiephelan on September 29, 2010.

One Response to “Waihi”

  1. Hi jacquie. you probably left just in time. Sam and Konagh arrived home about 1.30 and I had 3 girls (Siobhan came to play with her calf lol) against Sam and Konagh in the biggest water fight we’ve had for a couple of years. We had buckets and pump bottles, hosesthe back door TOTALLY drenched. All kids were saturated it was a good hour of bedlam!

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