Shear Wizard performs Hair Raising Feat


by Aya D.B. Holder

Just got shorn.
For six years, there has been a tiny, ignored group of perfectionists who put up with my silly shredlocks.  Lopping them off was fun, and went in stages.
-The drunken woman gazing in the hotel mirror playing with scissors.

-The sober woman de-tangling the remaining five inches of ‘grasshoppers’ a few months later.

and lastly

-The canny recipient of Pat Leo’s emphatic sponsorship: a haircut in a real salon by her artist friend Melina Meru.

Melina’s a woman who’s worked with hair ever since 1960.

I was gowned , goo’d and rinsed.  Meanwhile, I gabbled on about everything from sodium laurel sulfate to chlorogallum root, when Melina called for silence and asked me to bury my chin in my neck.

“Some hair you have” she said,  pondering the two cowlicks in my  self-cropped thatch. “I need to concentrate”.

The scissors’ pleasing pulling went on for forty minutes… pinches of gray hair dropping into my satiny lap and all around the chair.

It being Larkspur (home of the Larkspur Canyon Gang), half the salon were mountain bikers, including pudgy Greg from Freewheelers Club and Dorrette the triathete, one of the stylists. They told me about thedisplay at the town library across the street featuring the ‘gang’ who held formal dinners up in Silvertree Canyon (now called Dawn Falls Canyon) in the late 1960’s.

When Melina had finished with me, I got an ‘after’ shot, then hopped out of the chair, rolled my bike out, remembered that I had a flat that I’d incurred a minute before entering the shop that I’d have to deal with, and push-biked over to the library for a look at the 2009 Mtn Bike Hall of Fame inductees.



This will be shipped (!) to the Gulf

~ by jacquiephelan on July 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Shear Wizard performs Hair Raising Feat”

  1. I really, really like that Jacquie. I must admit, I was never a fan of the dreads. This is really nice; I may have to suggest a similar style for my wife, who is also dealing with that greying, changing hair problem that people of our vintage are experiencing. Should be super easy to take care of, in addition to looking great. Did I mention that I really like your hair? Paul

  2. The feeling of a freshly-shorn head is a glorious one. I always feel so airy and light-headed…though that may be my natural bubble-brained state just re-asserting itself.

    The new ‘do suits you! It looks like a style that will be easy to live with, and that’s always a pleasant way to operate.

  3. Doesn’t your neck feel better?

    I used to have long, straight hair that ran halfway down my back when braided. I got tired of it. One day in 1990 I went to a barber and asked him to please cut off the braid, then clean up whatever was left. “I want it really short,” I said.
    “How short?” he asked. “Marines?”
    “No,” I laughed. “Air Force.”
    Then HE laughed.
    Half an hour later the braid was in a plastic bag and I had a lovely, blessedly short summer haircut. I’ve worn it that way ever since.
    Here’s to happy necks.

  4. Gee, I wish I HAD hair! 🙂

    Nice look for you Jacquie!

  5. ah…
    both liberating and sad

    I can recall my youth as a “hair farmer”
    then getting my long locks clipped

    it was a relief
    yet it was sad

    and now…
    now I look like the victim of a hair avalanche
    with a barren scalp where no hair will grow


    change is good

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