What the pluck? by Fiammetta

Yesterday Peter and Pilot Light showed me their vacations pix–a virtual visit to Leyden, Netherlands…and then shots from the Italian street art festival which I’ve missed for sixteen consecutive years, thanks to careful non-planning. This picture of chickens sold me on scooting down to San Ruffle even in the 90-degree heat.

Fairfax festival was in full swing, and it seemed like everyone who ever had a tie-dyed teeshirt, flowing skirt, or ponytail had converged on the town green, which was invisible under all those sandaled feet.

San Ruffle was less hectic, until I found the four streets that were being covered with chalk.

Tia Warner teaches A.P. art at San Ruffle H.S., and her kids were there, along with about a hundred other smudge-legged artists under makeshift hats.  The H.S. jazz band was hot.

~ by jacquiephelan on June 14, 2010.

One Response to “Chickens!”

  1. This glob has gone to helsinki in a pedi-cab. All I can say beyond that last sentence is, “Taxi! Yoo-Hoo ! Taxi ! Phweeoo-phweeet ! Cab!

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