Put a bicyclist on the NH tourism map!

OK,  this is a stretch.

My friend,  Lynne Tolman who works too hard running the Major Taylor Association an’ stuff in Massachusetts, is competing for the “I LOVE IT HERE” New Hampshire photo contest.
If you want to drop kick a cyclist  into first place, you have to finish reading this,  click and vote for Lynne T. holding a paper sign. Then she’ll stop nagging me, saying that I’m personally responsible for her ah…not winning this contest.
I think I daren’t ask you Gentle Riders for any other favors for awhile…

Bear in mind, the guy in front of the NH capitol is ahead by some votes, and she wants to put him in the gutter, and beat him by a tire’s width.

Oh, wait a minute…. The top vote getter is simply “eligible to win”. Damn, I missed the fine print.
You are free to not bother.  They just want to yank us  around. There’s enough of that already on the web (why I’m not on spacebook)…

~ by jacquiephelan on June 8, 2010.

10 Responses to “Put a bicyclist on the NH tourism map!”

  1. Awesome! This is the kind of viral thing we want to happen with our summer promotion, the NH Dream Vacation Photo Contest! Keep plugging along…the contest runs until Labor Day and includes five prizes of $500 for the top popular vote pictures. Go to http://www.nhdreamvacation.com to enter!

    Tai Freligh
    NH Travel and Tourism

  2. spacebook, chuckle chuckle

  3. I love how you reason things out as you go along.


  4. Lynne has pulled ahead by a nose…she’s got out her suitcase of courage and she’s going for it all!

  5. Jacquie, I understand how the word “eligibile” threw you, but methinks they’re just hedging in case of a tie, or in case the judges pick one of the top 5 vote-getters as the grand prize winner, or in case a top vote-getter can’t be reached for confirmation. See, 1 grand prize winner ($2500 in NH vacation bucks, restrictions apply) is picked by judges, based on photo quality. Then 5 top vote-getters (doesn’t say THE top 5) each get “First Prize,” which is $500 NH vacation bucks. I’m getting all this from the link for Official Rules. So please vote for my Kinsman Notch photo! You can vote once every 24 hours, through Sept. 6.

    • Jacquie and Lynn et al,

      Some clarification on our contest rules for you. A person can’t win both a popular vote prize and the grand prize. The five prizes for the popular vote are awarded to the five photos with the most votes overall. You are allowed to vote once per photo per day. Any attempts to tamper with the voting system will result in a disqualification of the entrant. If you have any other questions about the contest, please drop on by our Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/VisitNH) and post it under the discussion topic! Thanks…

      Tai Freligh
      NH Travel and Tourism

  6. More adventures in the White Mountains (links at bottom of page):

  7. As seen in BIKE BITS:

  8. My photo is a winner! First place, popular vote.
    I got 14,061 votes, more than all the other winners combined. Many thanks to Jacquie for getting the word out and to everyone who voted.

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