Piano Moves at Regular Guy Camp™

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Charlie Kelly  called this morning…”Hey! If you want to see me and the boys in action, we’re moving that piano at the bottom of your street, ten minutes. Be there!”

Having missed most of his deft piano-dancing team exercises,  I zipped down, camera in pocket.  Three burly guys were already dismembering a recumbent baby grand.

CK  introduced me to Bob & Ryan.

“You guys hear about the time CK’s crew accidentally stole that piano from the wrong house in Bolinas?” I asked.
”We helped do it….ya know of  any other unlocked pianos?” Bob shot back.

“Tell ‘er about the Poor Little Guy” his partner prodded.

CK took over. My camera had exactly enough juice to snap CK …he’s a consummate story teller…
”The guy’s kid was so engrossed watching us doing our thing… we didn’t notice, but he just couldn’t wait…and we’re packing up the blankets, when we find this pile of poop in the middle…the father  goes: Aww, poor little guy! And we’re thinking ,  ahem…what about  US poor little guys?!”

“The father offered to wash it… but…uh…we made it a gift.”

Just about now,  Barry the landlord showed up  to watch the thrilling Piano-Down-The-Fragile_Slate Steps sequence….I introduced him to Seekay “who invented the mountain bike” and told Seekay about Barry “who created the Baja one thousand” with a few of his SoCal  buddies…adding that Barry was on the radio two weeks ago,  a show called ”guys at 5” on KSVY.

“I’m going to be on that show today” CK exclaimed, “they’ll take anybody”.

The interviewer is Jeff Mills, “Jobsite Jeff”, a former Doobie Bros tour manager.

Jeff’s CK’s pal from childhood and their fathers were “Lodge” dudes (Elks?)….

I sure hope it’s a linkable interview… If it is, you’ll get to hear the mellifluous bombast (and I say this with the deepest love and respect) of the guy whose storytelling gifts are just about to cross over into the manstream (sorry), 30 years after his frivolous pursuit took the world by storm.

And I stormed in…buns a blazing...oops, this is a blog about you, SeeKay…

Hmmm: Jeff, you, SeeKay. Say that a few times, fast. But not around the kids.

Oh, yah, CK’s writing a book. His third, if I recall correctly. This one will be the charm.

~ by jacquiephelan on March 31, 2010.

One Response to “Piano Moves at Regular Guy Camp™”

  1. Wow. Seems like everybody you meet has a history, is connected, or otherwise marginally famous out there. You sure these are “regular guys”?

    Cool story none the less. And yes- I get that they really are regular guys. Regular guys that did something(s) cool that we all seem to be connected to in some small way, making them “famous” “folk heroes”, or quasi-legendary laborers!

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