Rolf Tournament, hold that Tiger

“When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.” — Ida Rolf

This is one person who might be able to straighten out that bent famous rich dude with a humiliated family. The “gravity” of the situation calls for Strong Measures, and I think I know just the guy.

His name’s Quinn the Rolfer, his practice just arrived in Marin, and er…this blog has absolutely nothing to do with Tiger’s woody except for all the stupidass jokes that crowd my racing mind as I put keys into motion…

Just back from my very first of ten intensive sessions with body  educator Quinn one name’ll do. The guy that specializes in hi-speed cyclist like Leap High Lovehammer and Yuri Householdname has agreed to working on a known slowpoke with absolutely no training method and very little sports ambition (other than: get me to the line on time!).

He assured me pain was not part of the program anymore; the lurid tales of tear-soaked rolfing tables have given way to rave reviews of another half inch of height and “interesting sensations”, maybe a little discomfort.

Being a self-bruiser since I first fell off a bike, this wasn’t the least bit daunting. If it improved my posture, and let me feel like the (muddiocre) modern dancer that jete’d her way through college again, I’d be very pleased.

He described the way the bones and the connective tissue can be incorrectly aligned owing to a lifetime of both bad habits and old injuries where compensations do a decent job of short term pain-stave offage, at the expense of long-term alignment blahblahblah and as Miss sorry Doktor Rolf put it, the body heals itself when you place everything in the proper place….

After a very educational kneading, prodding, ‘neutral position’ing session in which I only flinched four times (nice to have it be an even number, eh?) I stood up, floated out, and was almost off on my bike before I realized I’d left my  Peloton winery jersey and polkadot black burnout silk scarf back in the office.
My cognition might need a separate tune up, now that my ears are in line with my shoulders, hips and ankles…

~ by jacquiephelan on February 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Rolf Tournament, hold that Tiger”

  1. That’s interesting. Having the same concerns with posture, not to mention stress and other maladies, I turned to yoga. I’ve enjoyed it and am now very aware of the ears-over-shoulders-over-hips-over-knees-over-ankles thing; as well as keeping my shoulder blades on my back. Now if I could just correct the flat feet……

  2. My back is a wreck does that really work J?


  3. can you give me Quinn’s contact info… sounds great – I can’t find him other than your blog.


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