Sips For Kids

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Rainy Sunday.
I was sure I’d be the only person to actually ride my bicycle to the “Sips For Kids” charity event.  But I was wrong. There, in the doorway, stood the redoubtable Darryl Skrabak, my mentor-in-chief, his feet still swaddled in plastic sacks…he’d pedaled from southern San Francisco. So much for my bragging rights.
OK< so there we were, 30 years after he showed me into Marin County that fateful Thanksgiving Day in 1980.
But he didn’t have a ‘pioneer’ badge on, nor is he in this photo (damn, why didn’t I grab him? OK…next year, dude, you’re in…after all there were a coupla poseurs in this year’s group shot…)
So Andrew Ritchie came over from Berkeley to see the short-list of legends, and also to practice dumpster diving.
Oh, and C.K. was there, letting me look at HIS manuscript. I better get to work on mine.

Steve Potts brought Daniel and Brennan, his princely teens, not  little leaguers anymore…Breeze brought Tommy and Connie Breeze gamely endured the hubub..Juli Furtado showed up and I greeted her as “Beth”–she is the twin of Marilyn Price’s daughter (evidenced here). Juli had a kid 3 years ago…name’s Wyatt…I was floored. The kid’s darling, very blonde.

Oh, a big ol’ thank you to Chris Matthews of Specialized, who sponsored me a beer! AND caught my flying-off-the-bike womanoeuvre three weeks ago at “Dirt Bowl”. John Suzuki, manager of Berkeley’s Missing Link co-op,  documented the whole thing….

And: lovely talking with the father/son team (dad from Fresno, kid from SF), and with Christine Bourgeois and her husband Mike/Dave.

~ by jacquiephelan on February 22, 2010.

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