B-Side Hipster

Modern San Franciscan

Originally uploaded by wombatbiker

Just couldn’t resist putting together the feminine response to Mike Giant’s somewhat sexist “Modern San Franciscan” (see previous blog).

I submit the San Francisco Hipster on his singlespeed.
I can already tell I forgot to mention anything about ‘sculpted calves” or “soul patch”, “un-colored hair (if any)”, etc.
Might have to do another one for us old bats….
Your feedback is precious to me…

~ by jacquiephelan on January 30, 2010.

10 Responses to “B-Side Hipster”

  1. citycyclingedinburgh.info/bbpress/topic.php?i d=269


  2. Now go away before I taunt you a second time…

    John Cleese


  3. My feedback is, I’m frustrated! The drawings on both this and the previous post are too low-resolution for me to read the words, even when I save it to my drive and view it in a picture viewer in expanded view. Do you have a scanner or a camera with better resolution? Anyway — I like the drawings!

  4. […] Phelan: The A Side and the B Side of the “Modern San Franciscan”…aboard a bike of course. But first look at the […]

  5. chdot is saying that he blogged and Twittered these so as to introduce them to a wider audience.

    Velosopher, click on the photo to go to it’s Flickr page, then click the All Sizes icon right above the picture. That will take you to a higher-res version

    JP: Brilliant. There’s no other word for it.

  6. Michael, tx for the Flicker tip, sooo much better!

    JP: Great stuff! Funny and tart. And a lovely drawing! Don’t know about San Fran, but the hipsters here in the “Greater Amherst Area” (Western MA) have to sport some unorthodox facial hair, just as you mentioned. Nothing you’d see anywhere on TV — has to be “home-grown.”
    Guilty on a few counts named in your illo, and would love to be guilty on a few others. But I’m almost 46, so maybe I get a lower standard? Please? ;->

  7. He looks a lot like a guy who used to be a real fixture in the KC cycling scene (and who is now presumably tearing it up in Philly)


    This dude is something else. I once saw him riding up Main street no-handed, smoking a cigar and ghost-riding another bike alongside of himself.

  8. Whoops, I accidentally posted that comment about your picture (and the little story about crazy Jerrod) under Joel’s WordPress username. He often accidentally logs into my Facebook account the same way. At least neither of us is given to obscene or inflammatory commentary.

  9. Oh Yes! I love it!!!

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