River Otter Sighting

My first!

Up at the lakes, I came upon a  man gazing into the water.

“There, look over there!” he said softly.  “Three…”
My gasp sent two of them diving, leaving one looking up at us.
The gentleman in the red coat (probably irked we’d ruined the show) told us that he’d seen one of them eating a turtle.
I wonder if they just chew up the meat and leave the shell, or if they grate the shell over linguini…
I incorrectly ‘corrected’ both the hiker and my companion Bob Coooper, a bona-fide journalist (i.e. truth-dealer) that this was a ‘fisher’–not a ‘river otter’. I was so sure of it.
Until I got home and looked it up. Seems like fishers look quite different.

Sheesh. Well, anyway, aquatic mammals of every type are cool to spot.
See if you can find the bikers in the watercolor.

Other wildlife: Pat Reddix, riding with Charlie Kelly,  and Gary Leo on his daily constitutional with Dave New Kidneyguy.

~ by jacquiephelan on January 28, 2010.

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