To the Choir

The Bicycle Bond, one of the strongest known, derives its power from the inescapable fact that riding  turns the rider into a Zealot.  If the rider is already a Zealot, then they become a Major Pain In The Butt Zealot, the kind of person that attempts to create links from cycling to any other subject of conversation that might come up among a group of uncyclists, to rope the discussion back under control.

I am one of them. With much help, I have learned to rein in this urge, but  I have to admit it to the world, here in my little blog.
Zealots know that

–bicycling, whether on skinny tires or fat,  is a  low-impact activity that alleviates  the ills of mostpodern humanity.

–bicycling does not abide the mental yo-yo game between past and future that we allow to pass for reality.  The bicycle obliges you to be precisely here, at this moment…Poised in perfect balance between the dime-sized oval blobs that connect the tire to the ground. Oh, all right, then : on a road bike you can often get away with the yo-yo game more easily than on a mountain bike because concrete, asphalt, pavements promise a smooth surface.
Whether they keep that promise is another thing entirely.

And lastly, bicycling is cheap bliss—the celebrated endorphins eliminate the middle man (‘big Pharm” or shady illegal pharm/ag) and put you in full control of your dose.

~ by jacquiephelan on January 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “To the Choir”

  1. Well said Jacquie. Here’s to the zealots!!


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