Darby Conley’s got my number…

It is helpful to see one’s self as others see you.

This is a recent Get Fuzzy. I take my orders from various media: rock n roll songs, cartoons, movies.
For example, tomorrow is “Wear blue if you love the ocean” day. I wouldn’t have known to wear blue, but Sherman (of Sherman’s Lagoon) tipped me off…

I wonder if there are Crip neighborhoods under the sea.

Totally off-topic: it is written in the great Wikipedia that the Bloods eschew words that  have the letter “c” in them, and the Crips eschew ‘b’s.

Whew, try eliminating/editing, while talking. They must develop a skill, like people who sight read music, remembering to ‘sharp’ and ‘flat’ certain notes…

If only there were inner city poetry slams for jailbirds…

~ by jacquiephelan on January 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Darby Conley’s got my number…”

  1. Get Fuzzy is one of my favorite cartoons.

  2. uncanny… …sorry, admittedly, I did laugh out loud

  3. moments after i met you we where picking blueberries up off the ground 🙂

    get fuzzy is one of my favorite comics.

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