Sick transit–Gloria Mundi

At left, Knobby Nobility Escutcheon.
Unlike most athletes that lose value over time, I’m certain that many of us that never quit inventing (whatever that may mean) uses for bicycles, bike art, have become more useful. After all, our cohort–the Boomers–are very interested in their own phenomenon.
To remind all my 1980’s pals that we are –ahem–great, if simply for not postponing pleasure when we were young, I drew this little thing up. I might need a better motto up there on top.

“Gloria” is brief, but cool.  That is cut from a champagne foil.

Sick transit, glorious mundi“?  I rather like that…

Found these bits of anodized alu stamped with legendary French brand in Charlie’s atelier trash basket.

“Can I have these?” I am a sucker for shiny objects, double that if in iridescent colors.

“Sure. There were dozens more I already threw out”.


He’s at work on a secret project, destroying vintage pumps to boost the value of the only two left in existence.

You gotta admit, those Zefals were superior pumps.


~ by jacquiephelan on January 8, 2010.

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  1. […] and plenty of fun…so why do I have such a bad habit of putting it off? This article, via Jacquie Phelan’s blog, maybe explains a bit of it. I think we’re also culturally encouraged to delay gratification. […]

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