Grateful Dreads!

Ricky Boscarino inhabits the Sheldon Brown memorial beard!

Sheldon Brown’s Tribute Beard (crafted by the great Tracy Wilde from five years worth of Alice B. Toeclips’ projectile tresses)  needed a proper home.
At some other pack rat’s house.  Preferably a museum.

Luna Parc is perfect, a work in progress showcasing Ricky Boscarino’s singular talents. He’s a third generation Italian artist.  He makes very very cool stuff. Charms, jewelry , pottery.  If your covetousness chakra isn’t ignited when eyeing  his website, you are probably  a Buddhist.

The uterus pin jumped out at me just now..

Ricky B. is a biker too..who rides with MORBiD: Muddy Off  Road BIker Dudes.

The word ‘dude’ used loosely.

Club motto—”Bike ’til you rot!“.

I do like a good motto.
Wombats latest : “Seems fast to us”. Ricky, we need a good design for the patch…

~ by jacquiephelan on January 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Grateful Dreads!”

  1. I like that motto! Given my tenuous grasp on spatial sense and balance, there are some days that moving forward at all seems plenty fast..

  2. Luv a good beard, luv a good bike tech and love all bikes!

    Sheldon, RIP!

    peace 🙂

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