Flogging Dead Horse

Second rupture. I never got a pic of repair #2.

Facial reconstruction was a failure

Both CC and I were very sad about that broken B-72 nose.

To surprise me, he popped in three big rivets a little further up the body of the saddle…doing this into steel requires some skill and a nice sharp drill bit. He was determined to make that comfortable Brooks saddle work.
Face it. It was the saddle’s crisp British accent (as much as the bike) that called me over when I rolled past it two weeks ago.
Neither of us can throw anything away.
The fix was perfect. Each rivet molded into the correct curve.
I hopped on the bike,
hit the street with the usual jolt
and the saddle nose bounced off into the gutter.
Estimated travel distance: three feet.
Yes, there is such thing as a worn-out saddle.
He had mentioned a moldy aroma as he drillled holes in the leather.
My mind wandered to the famine-pictures, where people boil leather belts and stuff when they are starving.
Should I try to stew the poor thing?
Answer: am I starving?

~ by jacquiephelan on December 22, 2009.

7 Responses to “Flogging Dead Horse”

  1. You need a new saddleroni.

  2. I’ll sample just about anything you whip up, but I think I’ll draw the line at Brooks Stew 🙂

  3. If it was good enough for The Little Tramp… 😉

  4. Flogging a dead cow, I think.

  5. U 2 R something else; thanks for the laugh, i think it will help my life expectancy.

  6. Waste not, want not. I like it!

  7. It would taste like poop soup.

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