Cruisin’ For Customers

Special delivery "4u"

Are you sitting comfortably?


Your eyelids are getting heavier.  You are in the mood…to…buy …a rubber stamp…to keep…Jacquie…busy….and employed.

This 2.5″ x3.5″ inch rubber stamp (St. Pack Rat dressed as Santa Cruise–$15 plus $4 shipping) was designed by me.. You need it, I know it. Makes a hundred Christmas cards in less than a hundred seconds. Mr. Gutenburg, look out.

Also have a cute “Correo Wombats” rubber stamp, same price ($3 shipping). It’s a slightly smaller stamp, 1.75 ” x 2″, ideal for snail mail correspondence. Don’ t tell me you don’t do that old-fashioned shit.


See design over in picture column.
I have paypal (under either my name or wombats)…or send yr rubber check to Box 757 Fairfax CA 94978
Want to read my ‘commercial’ writing? Here is–if you want it– my ambivalent-about-shopping story in Pacific Sun.

~ by jacquiephelan on December 2, 2009.

One Response to “Cruisin’ For Customers”

  1. I share your ambivalence on the shopping front, which is why my friends get homemade chocolate bars. And books. And sometimes, *used* books that I have read before sending them (I think quality control is important. I also taste-test the chocolate).

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