^*%)(%*!” Nutz

Pilfed from the great Stan Yen

Ah, nothing new under the web.
A week ago I did an originality check for “A funny thing happened  on the way to the compost heap” ( which Chas and his mom Carol think should be the title of my book).

Excuse me,  but I don’t do derivative.

Well, turns out Tallasiandude who has a blog called Gray Matter Gruel (which is sort of what acorn mash is) had titled a flickr pic with almost the same words, except he used “pile” rather than heap.
So I wrote him a You’re So Original You Stole My Idea First fan note, and I parenthetically (assuming he lived in Oakland, gee, because he has an oak tree?) invited him to drop some acorns off at the legendary bike shop Velosport.
Turns out Mr. Dude lives in Mossachussetts.

He gamely attempted the acorn smashing thing, but I think his standards are too high (he mentions sorting! And re-sorting!). Inevitable result: frustration, and a decent blog.

~ by jacquiephelan on November 20, 2009.

One Response to “^*%)(%*!” Nutz”

  1. I have been known to have something of an OCD/fussiness streak which does make these kinds of projects that much more difficult for me. (my back was also none too happy after hammering acorns for 2 hours) That being said, I’ll still hoping to get some pancakes or gruel out of this exercise, and it helps to know that the brown/black bits aren’t going to kill me. (the online references I found don’t actually get into that kind of detail, unfortunately.)

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