Cutting Edge Artist

Cover of a small, perfect book

Kid's eye view

When Carol Cunningham gets excited about an artist, it is impossible not to drop everything and run off to look at a show.

Something about being eighty-four years old…and us having all the time in the world for her….

Hence, discovery of the impressively obsessed Sara Burgess, a tall, elegant Brit who says she’s very into bikes but is clearly more recently impassioned about cutting thick white paper into delicate shapes.

On her website she claims “not to have been formally diagnosed with OCD”.

It’s impossible not to be grateful for this so-called ‘condition’ since Carol (doesn’t suffer) has it else can a person spend ten hours at a stretch without eating, carefully pulling precisely the right leaden letter out of a box with twenty six letters in both regular letters and capitals, numbers and punctuation…and they all look like kitchen sweepings tucked into neat little square cages in the California job case?
I am grateful.

I wish I had it.

Being an approximatarian bobtail vaut-rien means never finishing anything (but always with panache!) and thus: having VERY LITTLE TO SHOW for the hours I spend thinking things up.

Sara Burgess (and partner Damien) have just put the finishing touches on an interdisciplinary study of the problem of the disappearing fishes of the ocean.
I imagine doing something seemingly impossible with an exact-o knife is satisfying when one is wrestling with a problem so massive that it will be generations to accomplish (assuming that there are zero hurdles in the next hundred years…)
Bonne chance mes amis….

~ by jacquiephelan on November 17, 2009.

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  1. On her website she claims “not to have been formally diagnosed with OCD”.

    Website? URL?


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