I’m Gonna Represent Frivolity For My Country

bryanpicGetting things together for any trip is a thrill for this professional put-it-offer.
Somehow, attempting to take out the compost, which inspires a quick session of onion-planting (someone was tossing a pony pack of red torpedo onion orphans), which inspires a bit of garden-watering, while the tea water on the stove boils down by half.

It ‘a.d.d.’s up to one thing: a dozen things half-done.

Outside, Charlie diligently works on the “Pink Penix” ( my custom DeSalvo will have to wait to be unfurled next year, since my Shimano parts are still in transit).  Grease guard hubs require a grease gun…
I remember I need to have a helmet and the correct shoes. Trying hard to think what else I’d be lame to forget…hearing aids? I really don’t want to bring them but at some point I have to accept that I’m hard of hearing. Much easier to remember a yard of faux fur for a possible costume, or a tea thermos since I will be feeding the crew.  Polenta canapes?

Check. Fresh bread? Check. Local grapes? Check.

Oh, wait. It will be freezing in Durango (hey, I was there the week of Susan DeMattei’s  early October wedding, it SNOWED).  No, it might be really hot.
OK bring a gym bag full of everything.
Toothbrush. Right.

Happy pills? Screw them.

Ah, but somehow it works out. My travel companions, verily my ‘enablers’ (sparing me from driving) will be a tiny bit late so I can blog a bit.

Meanwhile, I’m securing lodging for our thousand mile trip: Joe Murray lives in Flagstaff, as does the redoubtable, and much venerated Cosmic Ray. Thus: a stop in Flagstaff (and hence the above picture, a flag, a tiny staff, a bad pun). Joe says he will compete in the Durango race, too.
I spoke with Ned a week ago.

He will be competing “as long as the weather’s O.K.  If it’s rainy, it will be hell. I’ll just start the race, and then peel off somewhere and have a beer (snicker)”.

My longtime  gone friend Adi Miro, the Cuban doctor and wombat-in-arms will be there. Since I can’t figure out how to open the thousand people starter list, I’ll just be pleasantly surprised at who shows up.

Downhill legend Elke Brutsaert will lead the ladies ride Thursday evening.

I will be conducting the usual Maison de Thrift, with otto-graphed Rockshox “boastcards” ($3 without ottograph, $2 WITH ottograph, heh heh),  custom re-purposed warm gloves, arm warmers, jersies, WOMBATS tee  shirts, patches, stickers, even a 42below jersey or two.  If it rains, this will be great since my stuff will easily compete with the fine second hand stores of Durango.

My hat is off to the gang producing a race for a thousand riders! Chad, Max, everyone…thank youuuuuu.

~ by jacquiephelan on September 14, 2009.

One Response to “I’m Gonna Represent Frivolity For My Country”

  1. JP, you just don’t stop moving for a second, do you. Best of luck at Worlds!

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