“The Champagne Of Concrete”


Me and hilary champThat was what Readymix trucks used to have painted on their barrels.

Two guys came this morning to pour three tons–completing a two year project of Charlie’s.

I discovered that my (visiting)  friend Hilary harbors a cement truck er….fetish?  Fascination?

Whatever it was, she infected me with it, and we watched every little step. Check out the fellow dangling inside the funnel, like a piece of  pork about to get ground up. That was the first step: hang upside down in the funnel.

The guys were very quick, and had the grey ooze mixed and poured in about twenty minutes which gave me and Hil  little time to get ready for a proper concrete tasting.
Too bad the  slogan got tossed a decade or so ago.

“The champagne of concrete” has a nice absurdist ring to it.


So delightfully tacky!

Now it’s just “Rich Readymix”.

Did the A.O.C officials.in France raise an objection?
Never mind; to me, it tasted wonderful.

~ by jacquiephelan on September 1, 2009.

4 Responses to ““The Champagne Of Concrete””

  1. Mmmm… Ham storage!

  2. brilliant post jacquie

  3. having wheelbarrowed (is that a real word whatever) so much concrete during the construction of the in laws wing on my sista in laws house that if i never see another yard of concrete again I can die happy that said without it that cut in our back porch may never get repaired maybe it can become part of the garden.

  4. and a drink like that will help to keep you “regular!”

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