P.C. aka Pork City, Utah

Got agreeably abducted by long-ago WOMBAT Sandra Nugent–her boys Jacob and Sam were coming back from racing in Idaho all weekend, and I was happy to get scooped up and return UP the fabulous Provo canyon road that I missed (I’ve been too weak to ride the last three days).

The fun bunch rode it yestiddy morn in punny fashion. Since it was our first short ride, they rode in their briefs. Those milky thighs! Those uber brown legs! Those clingy silly underpants! Not a soul even saw  ‘m: in Provo (other end from Heber City) everyone, and I do mean everyone, was in church!

As “Maa-aaa-aaat”  my driver and I noted, all the homes were tidy, new and vacant. Ditto for malls, stores, schools, etc. The neutron bomb coulda done a number, we’d not know the diffie.

Yah, so I missed some fun. Get over it.

The digs up here in Park City are tip top, Sandra and Robert and the three boys, two Great Pyrenees barking machines/floor mops, and the hamster, rabbit and guinea pig ALL share a lovely home in the grassy gorgeous hills right ON the bike path into town. PC is threaded with bike paths, and Sandra sez she’s part of Utah Moms For Clean Air, a much-needed enviro group…
Might just have to go sample some after I get up from my 2 hr massage, my nap, and my vegan health shake.

Then again, I might just dissolve into a puddle of petty pleasures, while fending off those pesky pneu-moanya germs.

Why did everyone else get a cough that went away? HUH?
Well, I know how to heal. That is to do nothing.

Jacob? Peel me a grape, OK?


~ by jacquiephelan on August 3, 2009.

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  1. You are too funny

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