2 Dan Coup

On the back road to Marcie's house

On the back road to Marcie's house

Everything just shifted … a little. The Merz is not falling together right–Noah, I owe you big time–and so I’ll take my Road-ham after all. This is very concerning to the builder.

There was no time to pre-ship it, insured.  This means the airlines has another chance to rip off a ‘ham (the first two times were: when Todd DeAngelis handed over his boxed race bike to someone at LAX, but forgot to take a receipt, or any proof he’d handed something over…and the second was really egregious.

Charlie’s personal bike was in an exhibit at the United Airlines terminal in SFO, along with  other custom bike builder’s work.
Only his was removed (from a locked glass case!).  It has never been found… $1,000 reward if returned (Note: that happened twenty years ago).

If I could have any  OTHER bike to ride, it would be a Specialized Roubaix. I tendered my thoughts to Mike Sinyard this morning.

Right now, I’m finishing my story about Billy Savage, director of Klunkerz, the movie that so aptly captured the early fat tire period. Look for it in the July 3rd edtion of the Pacific Sun. Cover story…….ooh, this time tomorrow I will be here! Noah will be hosting an Alice B. “Welcome To NYC now relax” fete from 8:30 til 9: 24 pm. Right, Noah?

PS : 2 Dan Coup=’tout d’un coup’  (all of a sudden, en francais)IMG_0324

~ by jacquiephelan on June 21, 2009.

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  1. That is scary Jacquie. What happened to the Rivendell? Have you contacted Grant at Rivendell to see if they have anything in your size? Mine would be too small for you…. Good luck!

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