Build-Up, With Soap

My cup runneth over

Pryor's cup--from his famous collection.

Only four more days until I hop on a plane, my little suitcase loaded with hard-to-duplicate delicacies such as homemade olives and umeboshi paste and lemon ‘crud’…never leave home w/out ’em… and a banjo banging on my back (the special Adam HUNT banjo w/resonator, an’ green vinyl soft case) and make for New York, (u nork).

Can hardly stand it.

Already, I’ve decided any road cycling is too risky without body guards these last few days. I’ve got catastro-phobia bad ( in direct proportion to the enormity of the project I’m facing).

This is always the case. Before flying to teach Wombat Camp in Anchorage, I concentrated, while trying not to hold on too tightly to the bars the last couple of hard  dirt rides prior to flying…for fear I’d harm myself and be ink-ipacitated.

Sorry,  that’s when you can’t WRITE cuz you broke yr hand.

Afraid I’d get Ankle-izing Sponsorosis: this is when you get a great new sponsor (as I have, even though this is no race)…an expectation is placed upon me. A bit of pressure. And many many of my racing bretheren (Casey Kunselman comes to mind) would, contract in hand, go out and train extra hard to emprouden (I know that’s not a word) the new boss…and wham! Broken bone.
It just occurred to me that,  for racers,  this is potentiated by the obligatory usage of a new, untried bicycle. Very bad recipe: new machine, big expectations, new sponsor. I always got to ride my same ol’ , same-ol’: an incalculable advantage as I got older and tireder.
Did I mention I’d be riding a 1974 custom Merz? Courtesy of Noah?  That I’ve never ridden? THANK GOD I’m not racing (and thank god I don’t care to impress anyone. No, really. ) And as Noah reminded me, it would be getting a new coat of paint since it was improperly repainted by the previous owner…

It is my custom not to batten down niggling details like “transpo” and “lodging”.     Gellner, a  34 year old rabid Cunningham collector essentially CC’s and my ‘pretend kid’ (we tragically barren ladies attract Youth In Need Of A Suitably  Offbeat Parent or Two)…is putting on a ‘do’ (that’s a pretend party: “four people  walk into a bar…”) Monday night. He asked me this morning  “ JP, where are you staying afterward……you know our place is one room, don’t you?
“I just figured I’d wing it…” I said with the confidence of a person who has finagled couch space from a stranger on a plane a time or two.
“You’d better clinch something” he sighed.
I called  Talia, Christy, Nicole, biker pals all. All fully booked, in THEIR one-room apartments.
Maybe Noah’s right about NYC being inhospitable to  “wingers”.

I got out the heavy machinery (my battered phone book). I dug up the number of a very cherished mentor of mine I  hadn’t seen in an inexplicably long time. Her kid is a NYC crime reporter. He rides a bike. I draggged him up Tam once.
He was the perfect person to call out of the blue.
“Chez Graham is at your disposal” he said to me via e-mail.

Suddenly the urge to take a risky ride  hits me now, at one-a.m.  A gust of “perceived security” stabilizes my world,  an’I want to re-derange it (note to reader: this is why I ride a bicycle everywhere).

I beat this urge down, and readied a bucket of soapy water to tackle the filthy, oozing ‘food ghetto’– my half–of the refrigerator.

Make CC happy before I go.

Prove that I can organize something.

~ by jacquiephelan on June 19, 2009.

7 Responses to “Build-Up, With Soap”

  1. happy trails! i’m not-so-secretly jealous of your trip.

  2. You’re getting closer. Just a few more days to be careful. Looking forward to stories of the road!

  3. I’m sure you’ll do fine.. winging it where and where you can! Have fun!

    • Well… I just found out I’ll be riding my ol’ Trusty ham…the Merz didn’t work out (I still owe Noah big time, for all his trouble, plus Mike Geiger at Westlake Cyclery for donating parts, oyyyyyy! So now it is: Can a flaky racer lady keep an eye on her precious museum-quality bike, and not lose it in airline baggage, destroy it when loaded on sag wagon (hint: don’t sag) etc… I know my butt will be ‘happier’ since it’s conformed for 24 yrs to that plastic saddle.

      • Well, at least this way you won’t have to wear that “My other bike is a Cunningham” T-Shirt!

  4. Jacquie, Have fun on your trip, sounds like it will be fun! I don’t think people wing it as much as we used to racing. Now everything has to be planed out to the last detail. I’ll be winging it here in Europe at the end of my trip for five nights, wish me luck finding a roof the sleep under!

    • where are you? Why do you need a roof (well, it DOES rain a bit over there…) You goin’ to race SSWC09? hope so.
      been chattin’ with Cindy Whitehead Buccowich of late. She’s a little miffed about a thing I said (or maybe she’s just toying with me) about ‘deprogramming the mommy -chauffeurs.’ I realize I am a bit of a shit about unquestioning auto use…

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