Four Legs Good, Two Wheels Not

by Justin DeFreitas/ West Marin Citizen - June 11, 2009

by Justin DeFreitas/ West Marin Citizen - June 11, 2009

Sometimes it seems as intractable as the tribal conflicts-cum national wars that will endlessly destabilize the Middle East.
Maybe that’s the point.
If Arabs, Jews got along, maybe they would close ranks and shut out the ugly Americans. Leaving us in search of oil….

This is late–night thinking, nonsense thinking.
I’ve believed an analogous situation since I moved here in 1980. The horse rider and the bike rider shall not ‘lie down together’ unless the out-of-control cycler (I like using that weird sounding word, a dead giveaway for a person who hasn’t been on a bike later than 1960) slides under the rearing bulk of a spooked equine.

Somehow, in Marin, the most homogeneous hunk of multiculti Bay Area, we wealthy whiners war about which toy we play with.

Meanwhile the rest of the world books bona-fide PILGRIMMAGES here, dumps a little coin and a LOT of love of the bicycle culture that somehow persists here, and yet another journalist drags Charlie Kelly, Joe Breeze and Gary Fisher up Mount Tam…Will we ever ‘arrive at an agreement’ ? Will Mike V’s ‘cooler head’ prevail?  There’s always hope, which rhymes with “nope”.

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